Gateway Dog Training® offers Force-Free, One-on-One training in Dripping Springs, TX.    Follow Us!      

     • We no longer offer In-Home nor Dock Diving Training.
     • We don’t take any dog-dog nor dog-human aggression cases due to liability issues. Contact us for a referral to trainers who specialize in these type of cases. 

We Specialize In...

...working with dogs of all breeds, genders and ages

...puppy headstart/bootcamp (training for owners too!) control, positive reinforcement methods

...keeping it simple and having fun

...teaching you why dogs behave the way they do

...working with children

...working with dogs adopted from rescue organizations

Why Train?


...having a dog that comes when called... no matter what

...having a dog that waits at doorways and curbs

...having a dog that sits politely when guests arrive

...having a dog that knows its name and listens to you

...having a dog that tolerates vet exams and grooming

...having a dog that greets strangers in a calm manner

...having a dog that obeys without resorting to force

...having a dog that walks nicely on leash

Trained dogs...

...are happier, healthier, and safer with you and are closer to you

...are welcome in dog-friendly public places

...are less likely to develop bad habits detrimental to their health, like chasing cars or biting people

...are less likely to get into trouble for digging, biting, barking, or jumping up

...are more confident and can safely be allowed a greater amount of freedom

...are a pleasure to be around for people and other dogs alike

...have a good relationship with you which makes living together more enjoyable

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