"Home-Style" Boarding

"Home-style" boarding is designed to be a home-away-from-home environment for your dog. Since your pet is not stuck in a crate in a back room all day the way they do it at a kennel or a vet, your dog's normal daily routine is not disrupted and they don't undergo stress or feel abandoned.

What's included...
...your dog lives in our home as a member of our family
...your dog eats with our dogs
...romps & plays with our dogs
...gets wet & muddy with our dogs
...then crashes on the floor and sleeps with our dogs
...they get at least the same level of attention they get at your home- and probably more!
...at night, your dog sleeps on a big fluffy bed on our bedroom floor

medical requirements...$35.00/night
...medical/health requirements apply
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"Home-Style" Boarding with Training Puppy Bootcamp

  • Are you tired of having a miss-behaved 4-legged child?
  • Do you want to train your dog but don't have time? 
  • Your dog behaves "ok" but you want more?

This 2-week home-schooled program will coach your dog NOT to continue practicing those “ugly” behaviors you don’t like, ALL while having fun! 

What's included...
      ..."home-style" boarding
      ...three formal training sessions per day on the behaviors you select from a menu
      ...options include any of the behaviors listed in the Basic Obedience curriculum
      ...1.5hr Knowledge Transfer on commands & behaviors learned

medical requirements2...$600
...medical/health requirements apply
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