"We have a now two year old Australian Shepard who, when we pull out his boarding bag to head to Gateway, goes CRAZY with excitement. I can’t pull out the bag until we’re waking out the door because he gets way too excited and will push you to the car! If my dog loves Gateway this much, I think that speaks volumes about the people and environment he’s in while we’re gone.

Before we found them, we boarded at a local place that they had to drag him into cowering because the noise level of the dogs was overwhelming. When we picked him up, he wouldn’t eat for two days. I refused to take another trip until we found a better solution. As for training, we also tried another local place that had us meet in groups with no dog interaction and little guidance or one on one. I was expected to take what I learned, and try to do my best on my own. I’m not a dog trainer and it was frustrating for all of us. When we found Gateway, not only was the boarding environment completely different, they offered the training in home! When we came to pick him up after his required training time , it was amazing! They had us all come so they could teach us the skills and commands , we got a packet to take home as reference and it was the absolute best!

We have a wonderful relationship with everyone there and I can’t imagine taking our Aussie anywhere else, so thankful!!"

Ashley Lindig


"Drip is my first dog I've ever had, and I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I've read articles and books on how to train our pup and nothing was working, until Gateway! We were referred by a friend who couldn't stop raving about it! My husband and I were a little hesitant to leave our boy for 2 weeks but Maria was so comforting and assuring. When we got there we felt in good hands, not only are Greg and Maria super friendly but completely brilliant in the history and just how dogs are, down to each breed. We appreciated the time they took to thoroughly go over all of the training they had done at pick up. We have continued to board Drip while we travel and we feel like he gets a vacation too while there! Thank you Gateway Dog training for loving our dog! "



"We had to travel out of town when our Golden Retriever puppy was only 3 months old. We figured it was a perfect opportunity to train & board while we were away. When we returned, Tanner was walking on a leash without jumping around and chewing on it. He had learned to sit, come when called, leave an object alone and more. We used Gateway again just a few months later for boarding. We’ve been very pleased with the care and training that Tanner has received. It’s so nice to find a place where we know he will be loved, cared for, and has fun playing with other dogs while we are gone. We will definitely continue to use Gateway in the future!"

Amber & Chris Jones

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