Jack Breese

Rex was a puppy and companion to our older dog. When we lost the older dog we knew we needed to work with Rex because he was pretty hyper and impossible to walk without a choke chain. It just wasn't fun. When we hired Greg Sharp of Gateway Dog Training we came to realize how smart Rex was and how he wanted to please us. The convenience of having Greg come to our house for the training was really great. After four lessons we now walk Rex off leash with a drag line. His response to commands is outstanding. It takes work from the owner, but Greg makes it fun and challenging. Recommend Gateway Dog Training if you want to get more enjoyment out of your dog!

- Jack Breese Dripping Springs


Jeremy Miller

Greg and his team were professional, courteous, on time, and patient. Most importantly they worked around our schedule, came to our home, which was a huge plus for our family and did exactly what they said they were going to do which was to "help us fix our problem". We have a wonderful 4 year old, lab-mix named Jackson who suddenly started having seperation anxiety issues. Greg and his staff gave us the adult training which showed us how to communicate with our dog, train our dog and set expectations for Jackson. They gave us a much better understanding on how a dog's mind works and what drives a dog to act or react to situations. He even offered to come out to our home after our new-born baby was born to help Jackson with that transition as well. We cant say enough about Greg and his staff. They also followed up with us after the training was over to see how everything was going. Thank you Greg and your team.

- Jeremy Miller

Gray Family

Greg did an awesome job training the humans in our family (kiddo too) so we could train our smart, little puppies to grow-up to be well-mannered, lovable dogs. Katy and Thumper (just a few months old) excelled and mastered several commands over a short-period of time. We could not have had this kind of success without Greg's techniques, patience and expertise. We better understand how dogs work and communicate with us and with each other. Having Greg come to our home allowed the puppies to focus on each new command and not be distracted. I would highly recommend Greg to any dog lover! Bravo! Woof Woof!

- Gray Family

Eric Dean

"I have to say that at first, I wasn't excited about in-home dog training. We'd just adopted a 2-year old Lab with some bad habits, but I thought in-home training was overkill. I was wrong. Greg with GDT was very clear, organized, and patient with his reward-based approach to training. Plus I was amazed when he brought his own dog over and I saw firsthand the fruit of what his training produces! That dog never took his eyes off Greg! We are much more confident about taking our dog anywhere."

~Eric Dean, Buda, TX

Jennifer Wegmiller

"We love Gateway Dog Training®! Greg (the owner and trainer) is awesome with dogs - our very own "dog whisperer" in Dripping Springs! If you have to leave town, why leave your dog in a kennel or vet, when you could leave them with Greg and his family. It's called 'home-style' boarding, and the dogs get to roam free inside his home with other dogs. Greg treats every dog like his own and our dog loves her time over there because she gets to play and socialize - more than at our own home. And we love when she is over there because Greg trains hers and she comes home a better and more enjoyable puppy! He trains with 'rewards' or treats, so we can effectively continue her training at our home using his same methods. He even taught our children to train and reward her. I highly recommend Gateway for both boarding and training!"

~Jennifer Wegmiller, Dripping Springs, TX

Brandon Lopez

"When my wife and I adopted our 14 month old lab we were concerned about some of his habits and our ability to correct them. Greg at Gateway came to our house, explained why our dog acted the way he did and showed us how to use positive reinforcement to help him break all of his bad habits. We enjoyed all of our training sessions and we had fun working with our boy. We are very confident we can take him anywhere and enjoy it. Greg is truly a professional at what he does."

~Brandon Lopez, Kyle, TX

Cristi R.

"Gateway Dog Training® and Greg are phenomenal. My shelter puppy had more than one less than desirable habit. Greg came to my home and gave us one-on-one lessons with homework each week. Greg teaches using reward based reinforcement which was both fun for Maizey and for me to watch her respond. As part of the training, Greg brought his impressively trained labs to help out. Maizey is still a puppy, but she is one who can command attention with discipline now rather than pawing! I've been able to employ some of the same efforts with my six year old shelter dog and he's even shown signs of content! I highly recommend Gateway and Greg for your canine pals."

~Cristi R., Austin, TX

Lynn Smith

"Greg Sharp of Gateway Dog Training® is fantastic! I chose to board and train with Greg because I wanted my frisky one year old lab to have retriever training and I didn't want to send him off to basically live in a kennel for four to ten months. At Gateway, Boomer lived in the house with Greg and his family, so not only did he get superior reward-based retriever training (very hard to find!) he also had daily reinforcement of his home manners and obedience, as well as daily love and attention from four loving people! Not to mention lots of play time with other dogs. Boomer came back to me happy, healthy and noticeably calmer and better behaved. His retrieving is spot on, and his home manners are significantly better--he is an angel and everyone has noticed! He is still happy and fun and energetic, but so much more responsive to direction and just MUCH better behaved overall. It is clear that Boomer was trained with love and positive reinforcement, and not compulsive methods. And the best part was that Greg included two-one hour 'after training' sessions to teach myself and my family how to work with Boomer ourselves at home. I would HIGHLY recommend Greg for in-home boarding, obedience or retriever training without hesitation! If you cannot be with your dog, this is the kind of environment you want him or her to be in. I give Gateway Dog Training® an A plus on all counts!"

~Lynn Smith, Austin, TX

Valerie Crawford

"I have to say that working with Greg at Gateway has been one of the best investments I have made in my dogs to date. I bought a [French Bulldog] that I had no clue was going to be so hard to train. Greg came in to our home and basically 'trained me' to train my dog. She is doing perfectly for a 4 month old puppy and I am in love with my dog. He gave me the skills, and resources to be a better owner. I am truly blessed to have had Greg work with my dog and I. Thanks!"

~Valerie Crawford, Buda, TX

Kathie Shafer

"Greg with Gateway Dog Training® was great! He came to my house and did an assessment of my dogs and their training needs and then designed an individualized program for each of my dogs. GDT then came to my home at a time that was convenient for me, to work with my dogs on a private 'one on one' basis. Greg has terrific insight and understanding into what makes a dog 'tick', he uses positive training techniques to get the desired results from the dogs he trains. Hiring Gateway Dog Training® was the best thing we have done for our dogs and our family."

~Kathie Schafer, Austin, TX

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